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Go on a journey of discovery with Geronimo in A Million More Kisses, or become a Woody Knoll Warrior with Wally, Fran and friends.

  • A Million More Kisses

    In this stunning, heartwarming story, newly adopted Geronimo meets elderly Nonnie. Together they share special New England traditions until one day….things change. Your child will learn about dementia, home care, loss and grief in a gentle format.

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  • Rise of the Woody Knoll Warriors

    Join Wally, Francesca, Kitchi and the rest of the Woodland Pals as they overcome challenges! We invite your child to learn the dozens of lessons tucked in this epic, adventure story.

Meet the Author – Rene Schultz

Rene’ Schultz is an overcomer and she is on a mission! She overcame child abuse and bullying and fully understands the issues and emotions families face.

Because of her unfailing faith and undying hope, she is now the multi-award winning children’s author of ‘A Million More Kisses,’ and creator of the corresponding, ‘HopeAlive!’ Zoom course for kids.

Between stressed out adults and bullies at school, young minds are being pulled in a million different directions. Rene’ wants to feed your child hope everyday!

Rene’ is not your average children’s author, she has an epic passion for you, and your child’s heart. “We can’t control what’s around us, we must control what is within. It is an honor to help your child face fear with strength, in the confidence of who they are.”

We all have mugs, tee shirts and key chains to remind us to be positive throughout our day, but who is reminding our children?

Every book and purchase from Woody Knoll Publishing supports the building up of a stronger generation of kids. Faith and hope are the foundation of emotional strength. When you bring home my message of hope you will see a change in your child and chances are pretty good that you will be struck with your own spark of joy.

“Bit by bit, row by row, that’s how we make our dreams grow” -Rene’ Schultz 

Hope Alive! Online Session

Through our Hope Alive! Session, children will learn how to help themselves be better prepared for everyday small losses.

Then, they learn about the big emotions associated with grief and ways to express them. Your child will have a stronger sense of identity, a deeper compassion for themselves and others, and a hope that will help them push through trials to realize their true purpose.

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Book Reviews

Here's a selection of book reviews from our lovely customers:

  • A Million More Kisses Book Review


    "What a wonderful well written children’s book! The story truly touched me and it was very moving. Beautiful illustrations along with an important message about coping with loss. One can’t help but fall in love with Geronimo and how he loved and was loved. A great book source to discuss grief to a child. Highly recommend this book!!"

    - Sol Regwan

  • A Million More Kisses Book Review

    5 Stars - WELL WRITTEN!

    "Loved, loved, loved. Between my son and myself, I’m not sure who enjoyed it more. Highly recommend."

    - Stephanie Fitz Whittaker

  • A Million More Kisses Book Review


    "This book is absolutely beautiful, the heartwarming story takes us on an emotional journey of loss and grief. The illustrations perfectly represent the emotions and feelings taking place. This little gem is sure to bring comfort to children going through a difficult time. I strongly recommend this book."

    - Lucie Daze’

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