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A Million More Kisses Hardcover

In this visually spectacular piece of work, your heart will soar as Geronimo the chihuahua reminds us that with faith and hope, we can overcome anything…even loss and grief.
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Meet the Characters


Is there really a Geronimo? YES! Our family adopted him in 2009. He had just been rescued from a hoarder home. Bald and emaciated with rotted teeth, we took him home and cared for him. Our little boy did not use his voice for 7 years. He never learned how to sit or give paw, and he didn’t know how play with other dogs. Around 2014 we brought got home a hound dog named Cami and within months, Geronimo was gnawing on her leg and cheek, barking and howling! Over the years, Geronimo and I healed our traumas together.


Nonnie is what we called my Mother in law, Connie. She was a spit fire with a gentle voice and tender touch. One day, Geronimo was at the top of her stairs looking down, as if he were saying goodbye forever. Working in elder care for 30 years, I was immediately inspired to write a story on loss and grief. I snapped the photo for inspiration and ‘A Million More Kisses’ was born! For the last 15 years of Nonnie’s life she had symtoms of dementia. It made our relationship difficult and in the spirit of love, forgiveness and choosing to only remember the good times. I continued with my plan to honor Nonnie in my book.